Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+,Anlasser +Line 4,0 kw 0,001,368,001+,+Line,Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+ Anlasser,Kaufen Sie Anlasser +Line 4,0 kw 0,001,368,001+ im Auto & Motorrad-Shop auf , Große Auswahl und Gratis Lieferung durch ab 29€.0.001.368.001+ Anlasser Line 4.0 kw.

Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+

Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+

Anlasser +Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+: Auto. Kaufen Sie Anlasser +Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+ im Auto & Motorrad-Shop auf . Große Auswahl und Gratis Lieferung durch ab 29€.. B+: M10 / Drehrichtung: im Uhrzeigersinn, rechtsdrehend / Einpass (mm): 88.7 / kW: 4.0 / Montagelöcher: 3 / Volt: 24 / Zähne: 9 。 0001360003 Bosch / 0001360012 Bosch / 0001360014 Bosch / 0001360030 Bosch / 0001360035 Bosch / 0001368001 Bosch / 0001368007 Bosch / 0001368088 Bosch / 081388001 Steyr / 0986011270 Bosch ruil / 11011270 EuroTec / 11013490 EuroTec / 11130141 Mahle / 11130491 Mahle / 11130842 Mahle / 1161422 KHD / 1164995 KHD / 1173241 KHD / 120520A PIC / 1533 Lester / 1545SP Spidan / 1701065 Faun / 17073 Lester / 182168 Lester / 19024226 Remy / 19024234 Remy / 20500923 Prestolite / 22222006 Volvo / 33335 EAI 。 33866 EAI / 42488477 KHD / 42522641 Iveco / 450219 Valeo / 455516 Valeo / 511001093 PSH / 6200662 LIEBHERR / 6209190 O&K / 744648 O&K / 8050080000 Renault / 8811270F Friesen / 911270 EDR / 91156894 Wilson / 943252205 Magneti Marelli / A11270 ATL / A12950 ATL / A13490 ATL / A17990 ATL / A70970 ATL / A71030 ATL / A71540 ATL / AZJ3132 Mahle / AZJ3518 Mahle / CS530 HC / DEM204 ADI / DRS1270 Remy / E41565 Case / E41565EX Case / HCS530 HC / IS0141 Mahle / IS0491 Mahle / LRS00923 Lucas 。 LRS923 Lucas / M386 Mahle / MS386 Mahle / R1008 Elmot / SM2504 Honda / STR1070sa Electrolog / STR1306sa Electrolog / STR7901sa Electrolog 。 Dieses Teil passt auf folgende Modelle:ADE Truck /-/。Ahlmann Af/As Khd 3.8 / F4L912 06/68-12/80。BELL B20B /-/。Case International Industrial /-/。Deutz-Farh Khd Industrial /-/。Faun Industrial /-/。International Harvester /-/。Iveco Truck truck /-/。Liebherr Industrial /-/。Magirus-Deutz Truck。O & K Khd G8 F.6.L.912 01/74-06/87。O & K Khd Industrial 2.8/3.8 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Industrial /-/。O & K Khd L10/L15 3.8/4.7 01/74-12/86。O & K Khd L10/L15 3.8/4.7 01/74-12/86。O & K Khd Mh4 2.8, 3.8 2.8/3.8 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Mh6 3.8, 4.7 3.8/4.7 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Mh6 3.8, 4.7 3.8/4.7 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Mh6 5.7 5.7 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Mh6 5.7 5.7 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Rh3/4 2.8, 3.8 2.8/3.8 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Rh3/4 2.8, 3.8 2.8/3.8 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Rh6/9 3.8, 4.7 3.8/4.7 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Rh6/9 3.8, 4.7 4.7 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Rh6/9 5.7 5.7 01/73-06/90。O & K Khd Rh6/9 5.7 5.7 01/73-06/90。Poclain 1801/15 [Khd] 5.6 5.6 03/74-12/79。Poclain 60cl/P [Khd] 3.8 3.8 03/76-/。Poclain 75cl/P [Khd] 4.7 4.7 06/75-/。Poclain Industrial /-/。Poclain Lc80/Ly280 [Khd] 5.6 5.6 03/74-01/77。Poclain Mc100 [Khd] 4.7 4.7 01/73-01/76。Poclain McL84 [Khd] 4.7 4.7 01/73-01/76。Toyota Industrial /-/。Die Heile auto Teile UG weist darauf hin, dass die gelisteten Fahrzeuge als Auszug zu verstehen sind. Bitte prüfen Sie vor dem Kauf unbedingt anhand der ummer, ob das Teil zu Ihrem Fahrzeug passt!。 。 。 。

Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+

Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+
Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+




Gut Flora Warriors

journey beyond

We know that the food we eat has the power to transform our lives! That’s why we developed our range of refreshing water kefir, probiotic ice pops, and nourishing plant-based ferments. We’re 100% committed to developing food and beverages that will make a positive difference to the health and wellness of the community… just as these have for us.


You've likely spotted milk kefir products at your local grocer. These can sometimes be okay for dairy-intolerant folk to digest, but we wanted to make sure our kefir was accessible to as many people as possible—so we opted to make water kefir instead! Our water kefir is vegan-friendly and lactose-free, meaning those who avoid dairy don't have to miss out on the gut- nourishing benefits of probiotic beverages!


Despite the name, water kefir 'grains' are not indeed part of the cereal family and have nothing to do with the hard, dried seeds of rice or wheat. Rather, kefir grains are similar in nature to a kombucha SCOBY (a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). The scientific name given to water kefir grains is 'tibicos', which is a culture of bacteria and yeasts held together in a polysaccharide biofilm matrix created by the bacteria. Our products are 100% gluten free.

Kefir and kombucha

While both are fermented drinks, these two beverages have their own individual benefits. Kombucha specialise in detoxifying and alkalising the body, making it a great digestive aid. The other notable difference is the flavour: when kombucha ferments, it produces acetic acid giving it a distinct tart profile similar to apple cider vinegar. Kombucha is also a caffeinated drink as it is made from tea. Kefir produces mainly lactic acids aka 'helpful bacteria', which help soothe and heal the villi (gut lining). This fermented beverage is great as a wide-spectrum probiotic due to the many strains of active bacteria produced during fermentation. Water kefir has a mild flavour as it produces less acetic, giving it a non vinegar crisp flavour profile. If you're trying to cut down on caffeinated or sugar-laden drinks and have been lacking a carbonated beverage to fill the gap, water kefir is a great alternative—and it's a functional health booster too!


Kefir is a type of fermented beverage made using kefir 'grains'. However, these 'grains' aren't traditional grains (like rice or wheat), but rather closely related to a SCOBY (a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). To make our water kefir, we add our water kefir grains to sugary water, where they activate, bubble and brew into a sparkling probiotic drink. The grains 'eat' the sugar during this fermentation process and the result is a delicious gut-healing beverage that can assist with digestive health and boost your immune system. Studies have shown that kefir can also assist with treating the likes of depression, IBS, eczema, haemorrhoids, gastric reflux and psoriasis.

Gut Flora

Your body is home to trillions of micro-organisms.Pretty wild, hey! These microscopic friends help your body stay healthy and fit, and a large chunk of them— 400 diverse bacterial species— exist in your gut alone. These are the good bacteria that ensure your digestive system stays happy and healthy. But the junk food we eat today and the chemicals we pump into our body tend to destroy a large portion of this bacterial population, leaving our digestive system weak and our overall health spiralling downwards. But you can repopulate your gut flora with these friendly bacteria by taking probiotics. And rather than simply pop a pill, you can opt for the natural way—drinking kefir and eating kimchi and other fermented foods that brim with probiotics.


Ancient traditions, Modern direction

Ancient civilizations the world over were wise to the health benefits that fermented foods gift our immune system. But among the bustle of modern society, we’ve forgotten this crucial form of nourishment.

Inspired by old, time-proven recipes, our delicious plant-based ferments combine organic seasonal vegetables with wild fermentation to help yield happy modern guts.

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FREE box of Nice Pops with every box of 330ml kefir purchased, and to top it off we will also be offering free shipping. **Offer available from 30th August - 15th September. Valid throughout Melbourne metro only. Nice Pop flavour of choice is subject to availability.
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Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+

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Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+

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Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+

Anlasser Line 4.0 kw 0.001.368.001+
Kaufen Sie Anlasser +Line 4,0 kw 0,001,368,001+ im Auto & Motorrad-Shop auf , Große Auswahl und Gratis Lieferung durch ab 29€.