Our Range


The Functional Drink

Based in Victoria, Australia The Good Seed brings you a range of probiotic sparkling water kefir. Using an age-old recipe designed to nourish the body from inside out the fermented beverage can be had as is and great as an alternative to sugar laden soda’s and as a great non alcoholic alternative.


Indulge With The Good

Along with the nutrients gleaned from the raw super foods and fruits, our great tasting treats contain the added benefits of Kefir Probiotic. Indulge with our plant based treats, free from; preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, added sugar. Tasty as they are healthy, our frozen treat is a great way to rejuvenate as well as giving you the nutritional boosts needed to keep you going.

Seasonal Flavours


Old Tradition, New Twist

Taste buds have been enjoying the exotic taste for centuries and we all know of the benefits to the immune system. Our ferments are a mix of seasonal vegetables naturally fermented inspired by old favourite recipes.