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Blood-Orange Sparkling Prebiotic Drink 12x250ml

Sorted - blood orange sparkling prebiotic drink


Just $3.50 per refreshing can

4 reasons why you’ll love every drop of this bloodorange sparkling prebiotic drink:

  • Totally sugar-free. Not even sugar alcohols.
  • Contains prebiotic fibre for better digestive health.
  • Low-calorie full-flavoured fruity drink.
  • 100% Natural, according to our food scientists.

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Sorted - blood orange sparkling prebiotic drink

Product Details

The cool sea breeze punctuates the warm glow of the Tuscan sun as you reach for the glass. The chilled sparkling arancia rossa goes down a treat. Ahhhhh summer holidays! Off you go exploring the cobblestone alleyways until sunset.

But hey! Sorted isn’t just another fruit juice. We completely re-engineered the modern soft drink. You could call it space-age science. Keep scrolling to learn more.


Sparkling water, prebiotic acacia gum fibre (3.4%), natural flavour, citric acid, Natural colours (carotene, red beet extract), Thaumatin (natural protein-based sweetener)

nutrition facts

sorted bloodorange nutrition

Who made this?

They call us gut flora warriors. But we're just 5-foot-somethings with big dreams of helping you look after your guts. So we made this 2-in-1 drink your tastebuds and tummy will love.

Some call it revolutionary.
Others call it Quaffable.
We call it SORTED.

- Ivy & Adrian (Founders & Makers)

Sorted - blood orange sparkling prebiotic drink

You’ll feel so awesome that you’ll want to bounce

Lowers cholesterol levels
Helps control blood sugar levels
Achieve healthy body-weight

Facts from studies on non-digestible polysaccharides (such as Acacia), high-fibre diet. Full disclosure, we’re not the geniuses who studied this. Our food scientist found real research on it.

Possibly the best thing for your digestive health*

Prebiotic fibre in Acacia-tree gum is what really makes your GI tract (i.e. your tummy and guts) feel “light”, if you catch our wind drift. But Sorted does this without the bloating effect.

*Our lawyers said it’s risky making claims like these. But hand on our heart, science says it’s good for you. We even have case studies to prove it!

Seven grams of prebiotic fibre is like eating …

1.75 KG whole watermelon
136 black currants
2 medium-sized blood-oranges

Enjoy fruity flavours from 100% natural fruit extracts in a highly portable can or try fitting a watermelon in your purse.

Sorted - blood orange sparkling prebiotic drink

Now everyone can
join in on the fun

Approved for diabetics
Vegan, because 100% plant-based
OK for Keto, Low Carb, Low GI diets
FODMAP and IBS friendly

Yoga asana performed by a pro yogi. Please don’t try this at home unless you’re a pro yogi.

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