“After suffering with throat reflux, I jumped on the Good Seed drinks after a tasting at my local farmers market. No reflux after a month and feel an overall wellness. Thanks to the lovely folks at The Good Seed Kefir"

- Jade Russell

“There isn't one product The Good Seed Kefir make that I don't absolutely love! Wonderful products made by an amazing tribe of people. No other company makes a vegan Kim Chi anywhere as good as theirs... oh and the Kubis Kraut and the Ginger and the drinks!

- Amy Ganey

“The husband and I have been taking kefir religiously for the past year. And we love every bit of it. We haven't been sick, not even a sniffle!! I'm now 31 weeks pregnant, and get this.. no morning sickness! Think we definitely have kefir to thank for this”​

- Courtney Holliss

“You can count on The Good Seed Kefir to have your best interest at heart. We have a dedicated space for their Ice Pops and Kefir, the whole family loves and the best part is that it fits within all our dietary requirements.” ​

-Aanya Rayna

“The older you get, the more you feel the repercussions of bad eating. I eat well now because it makes me feel good and because I want to do what I like for a long time.Big ups for creating a functional healing beverage.”

- Hayden Skelton