Tasty treats for
every occasion, anywhere

Organic fermented foods rich in natural probiotics
for better digestive health & immunity.

Day or night, hot or cold

chill with nice pops

Mom says you cant have sugar everyday. But we’ll bet you she won’t say no to probiotic ice pops.

nice pops health label

Nah! Not Korean drama

its sauerkraut with a kick

Rice, spice & everything nice. Whatever’s on your plate, it’ll taste better with Kimchi. Fits your 5-a-day beautifully!

kimchi health labels

Our humble brag

why customers love us

“Helps with my digestion”

I’ve always had a sensitive stomach. I was keen to try different probiotics to see if that would help. Drinking kefir seems to really help with my digestion.

My Favourites: Lemon (sparkling water kefir) because it’s like a healthy lemonade and Kimchi.

Erika R.

“Tastes and feels great”

We first tried it at our local farmers’ market. We were blown away by how good the sparkling kefir tastes. It’s fresh and good for your gut. Leaves you feeling good.

My Favourites: Honey (sparkling water kefir)

Kenn R.


“My 3 year old son loves it”

The ingredients are great for kids. My 3-year-old son loves all the sparkling kefir flavours. Now he also likes the nIce pops. I think they are all delicious. We have a little of each every day.

My Favourites: Hard to choose but my son likes cacao & banana (nIce pops)

Kate M.

Our Story

In search of a remedy, Adrian discovers fermented foods. They can benefit his and Ivy’s digestive system and immunity. They make their first batch of water kefir in their kitchen. When their health problems disappear they knew they were onto something good.

Read more about what happens next …

Kombucha wants to be me

But all i want is you

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