Delivery, refunds & Returns

Q. Where do you deliver to?

We deliver chilled sparkling water kefir and frozen nIce pops to your home in our refrigerated van if you’re based within 30km of Melbourne CBD and all of Mornington Peninsula.

If you want sparkling water kefir or kimchi delivered outside this zone, we can organise delivery with one of our delivery partners.

You can also purchase our products in-store in Victoria and Queensland from participating retailers. Find a store near you.

Q. How is my order delivered?

Your order is delivered in a refrigerated van that keeps the sparkling kefir and kimchi chilled and nIce Pops frozen.

We’re trying to run a business that doesn’t harm the world we live in. So, there are no styrofoam boxes. We use reusable gel ice packs to keep your chilled goods below 5°C.

Q. Does it have to be refrigerated?

Our products are live and unpasteurised. Which means they need to be kept refrigerated between 1°C to 4°C.

Otherwise they would continue fermenting in the bottle. This will change their flavour profile and increase fizzyness.

Q. Do I have to be at home for delivery?

You don’t have to be home so long as you can make arrangements for the safe drop-off of your delivery.

You can leave an esky (ice box), with ice or frozen gel packs in it, in a safe location, away from prying eyes.

If you’re comfortable, our delivery team can drop off the package in your garage fridge. Let us know if you need a code or key to enter your home in the order notes.

Our delivery team is fully vetted with police and background checks. You can rest assured that all they’ll do is leave your package in the fridge and leave.


Despite our best efforts to deliver your order, sometimes accidents do happen. But, let’s not cry over spilled ferments.

If your order arrives damaged, take a picture and send it to hello [at] thegoodseedkefir [dot] com [dot] au with your order number within 7 days. We’ll be in touch with you to organise a re-delivery or a refund. You decide which one you prefer.

What if I don’t like the product?

We all have our flavour and taste likes and dislikes. What works for Johnny might not work for Sally. However, as a small business, we’re unable to offer refunds for this.

Perhaps share it with your family and neighbours? They’ll love you even more for it.

Under all other normal circumstances, we’re unable to oblige with a refund.


Since we’re delivering consumable goods that require delicate care during delivery, we’re unable to offer returns.

Still have questions about your privacy? Write to us so that we can address your concerns.